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Happiness is a destination

I spent so much of my life working endlessly to make more money because I thought that's what we needed to be happy! I was so wrong! The best thing I ever did was walk away from a stressful job to do something that I love and spend more time with my family! Difficult roads can lead to the most beautiful destinations! I'm so blessed that the road I'm traveling now still isn't easy but beautiful! Being truly happy can open your eyes to things that you normally wouldn't see! Like the look on your baby girls face when you take the time to play with baby dolls and silly puddy, listening to your son talk about Video games and...

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Little Happy Monogram Surprise

  Everyone loves a "Little Happy" 
Most of us have been there... You tell your kids, if you will be good I will get you a surprise! It is always the greatest leverage to say, you better be good! Remember your surprise and the kids magically behave and do as told (at least for a few minutes)I always called their surprises a "Little Happy" ... I got you a "Little Happy" because you were good!!! 
I was joking around one day and said, I wish I got a "Little Happy" just for being good (and some times not so good!) and a friend told me, you can!!! You deserve it!! Do something for yourself!! That's when the "Little Happy" Monogram Surprise...

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