Happiness is a destination

I spent so much of my life working endlessly to make more money because I thought that's what we needed to be happy! I was so wrong! The best thing I ever did was walk away from a stressful job to do something that I love and spend more time with my family! Difficult roads can lead to the most beautiful destinations! I'm so blessed that the road I'm traveling now still isn't easy but beautiful! Being truly happy can open your eyes to things that you normally wouldn't see! Like the look on your baby girls face when you take the time to play with baby dolls and silly puddy, listening to your son talk about Video games and pretending to know exactly what he is talking about, REALLY listening to your beautiful teenage daughter talk and giggle with her friends .. Finding the time to spend with someone that makes you smile when you normally wouldn't have stopped long enough to give them a second glance because you were too busy.. Life becomes simple when you start paying attention to the little things! I'm so blessed that I can finally enjoy life! Open your eyes to the things you are missing, take the time to listen to the people around you, literally stop and smell the roses! I still have major stressors in my life but I no longer let them control me. What will be will be! I choose to be happy and enjoy my life to the fullest from now on ❤️

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