Little Happy Monogram Surprise

Little Happy Monogram Surprise


Everyone loves a "Little Happy" 
Most of us have been there... You tell your kids, if you will be good I will get you a surprise! It is always the greatest leverage to say, you better be good! Remember your surprise and the kids magically behave and do as told (at least for a few minutes)
I always called their surprises a "Little Happy" ... I got you a "Little Happy" because you were good!!! 
I was joking around one day and said, I wish I got a "Little Happy" just for being good (and some times not so good!) and a friend told me, you can!!! You deserve it!! Do something for yourself!! That's when the "Little Happy" Monogram Surprise was born!!! 
We all love a "Little Happy" and who doesn't love a surprise and one that is monogrammed is even better!!!! 
Don't get me wrong, I will always spend money on my kids and do for others! I think that is wonderful but EVERYONE deserves a "Little Happy" for themselves! 
You can get one too!!!
The Litte Happy Monogram Surprise Subscription:
 You can receive a monthly Little Happy Surprise each month that includes 3-5 items, at least two of those items will be monogrammed!! No hidden cost! No Surprises in Cost!!! $30 a month gets you all of this including shipping each month!!

We realize everyone has different taste! We will send you a questionnaire that asks about all of your favorite things to ensure you LOVE your Little Happy Monogram Surprise each month!!

We will also have posts on our social media sites asking what YOU want to see in your Little Happy MonogramSurprise! This is all about You!! Do something special for your self today.. YOU Deserve it!! 

Size Change? Initials change? That's Ok!! Email us at and change or update your preferences at any time! If your current months box has already been completed your changes will take affect the next month! You can also cancel anytime! 

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