Blessings in Disguise

I just have to share because I think there is a lesson behind it and I didn't think about this until this morning! Yesterday I delivered an order to a customer at the nursing home. Her order totaled 37.40 and she gave me $40 and told me to keep the change. I left there to meet another customer who was running late so I decided to make a quick trip to Walmart before I met her. I hurried in and grabbed what I needed and frantically looked for a checkout that wasn't packed out. I went to the express lane first but their was an elderly woman who was at the checkout. I kept walking but the others were backed up times 3. I went back to the express lane only to see the elderly woman still standing there with groceries in her buggy but it was still looking like the best option. As I get behind her I can see what's taking so long... She was having the cashier ring up things one at a time then she would look through her buggy and see what else she could afford. I felt horrible because I wanted to pay for her food but in my mind I thought... You're struggling yourself Amanda, you can't always help! Well then I remembered I put the $40 in my back pocket from the order I just dropped off.. And I thought she gave me more and she didn't have too so that's what I should do. At this point I offered to pay for what she had on the counter and it just so happen to be $3.43 .. Almost the exact amount my customer paid. The woman declined and pulled out a change purse and started to count out what she had. I stepped in and said please let me do this and she declined. I finally handed the cashier the money and ask her to pay for the difference. She looked at me with tears and said thank you so much ... I looked at what was left in her buggy and it was so modest compared to everyone else's purchases. A case of water , some canned great value vegetables, dried beans and rice and all I could think of is that I may not have much but she obviously needed it more than I did. The cashier ask her what to do with the left over items and she said I'm sorry, I will put them back. I said no ma'am I will get them for you. It wasn't much at all. I didn't spend over that that customer had just given me. I didn't really have it to give but neither did she. The woman said thank you again with tears and obviously embarrassed because at this point the line was very backed up.
I didn't post this to glorify what I did. T just really touched my heart and made me think. You never know what the person beside you is going through in life. My customer didn't have to tell me to keep the change but little did she know it was for a bigger reason. Her small act of kindness made me think and give. There is no doubt it was God speaking to me because the first total was the over payment I had just received.
God doesn't promise an easy life but he gave the ultimate sacrifice. His only son so that we could be forgiven of our sins each day. If we put our trust in him , we may still want for things but we will always have exactly what we need in his time, not ours.
I know that things may be hard right now but I also know we have never went to bed hungry. God has always answered my prayers and we have always gotten by!
I'm thankful he put both my customer and that woman in my path yesterday to reassure me that he is here and he is listening and if I trust him he will always put me right were he wants me , in his time and not mine!

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