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Life Lessons

I love getting feedback from happy customers. I've been shipping all over the place but I haven't slowed down to really pay attention. I had feedback from a customer today and realized that LCB Revival Tonic had made its way all the way to Arkansas! I shipped it but I guess it really didn't sink in, until today. I was so excited to see that this customer randomly saw my product and decided to try it and loved it! It prompted me to start writing. I want to share a long story that was fueled by my devotions last night and this morning. Hear Him Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, "This is...

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A Beautiful Accident

Funny how "little things" have such big meanings sometimes. I started redoing my antique bedroom suit. I sanded it all down and got rid of the old scratched up finish. Piece by piece I stained... waited a day or two, lightly sanded and stained again.. and finished it with sealer. The bed turned out perfect. It was beautiful. The shell of the dresser was flawless.. but no matter how many times I sanded the drawers and carefully stained them, it just wouldn't turn out the way I had hoped! I decided to sand down three of the drawers that didn't turn out and put a little white on them to see what happened.. If it worked, I would paint them...

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