A Beautiful Accident

Funny how "little things" have such big meanings sometimes. I started redoing my antique bedroom suit. I sanded it all down and got rid of the old scratched up finish. Piece by piece I stained... waited a day or two, lightly sanded and stained again.. and finished it with sealer. The bed turned out perfect. It was beautiful. The shell of the dresser was flawless.. but no matter how many times I sanded the drawers and carefully stained them, it just wouldn't turn out the way I had hoped! I decided to sand down three of the drawers that didn't turn out and put a little white on them to see what happened.. If it worked, I would paint them all white. Problem solved. It wasn't the look I was originally going for but it worked.. I got busy and haven't been able to work on it the past few days. The drawers were stuck back in the dresser just to move it.. (not by me)
I put the bed together and admired my work. Bradford helped me move the mattresses to put them on the bed and when he did, I saw the dresser for the first time with the unfinished drawers and to my amazement... I sorta love it. Yes, the handles have to be put back on and it needs a few minor adjustments ..
It is still rough around the edges, but I think it's beautiful!
Then it hit me, this antique dresser reminds me a lot of life. Its been through years of abuse, it's been drug from the camp, out of my burning house, it had scratches, dents and scars but it still managed to serve the purpose it was made for. Some times in life, a lot of times for me, things don't work out just as you planned, no matter how hard you try to make them, no matter how good you think you are at something.. it just doesn't turn out exactly how you want it too, but that doesn't stop you from serving your purpose. That's doesn't mean you aren't beautiful. It just means you're beautiful in your own unique way... and just like I sanded off the old and made it into something new and beautiful, God will do the same for us. He peals off the old layer by layer until he makes you serve your purpose HE had planned for you. You may not be everyone's cup of tea, everyone may not love the new look, but to God, you are still his beautiful creation. Fearfully and wonderfully made.

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