Turning the page .. On to the next Chapter

I need feedback for Little Cotton Bend and I'm giving away a Prize from my new line of shotgun jewelry in return!
As most of you know when we had our house fire, I went back to property management because of smoke and water damage to my equipment and inventory used for Little Cotton Bend.
I have finally built a lot of my inventory back up and replaced my equipment. I had monthly monogram subscriptions and orders going out to 9 different states and it killed me but I had to cancel them last month due to time restraints and equipment issues.
I have since then made a different business plan that would fit my work schedule and I am planning to take LCB in a slightly different direction in the near future and I would love your feedback! All you have to do is answer the following in the comments and give your opinion!
How many of you read blogs? If so what kind of blog, general, fashion, DIY, tutorials?
How many of you read the "about me" section of a website when you are deciding to make a first time purchase?
How many of you would be interested in purchasing affordable furniture, vintage/antique/unique finds, home decor and have it delivered to you? What would you like to see?
How many would like to be able to purchase these pieces online and have them delivered to your door locally?
How many of you have pieces or would like to find your own pieces but do not have time to refurbish them? Would you be interested in having them done to your specifications and then picked up and delivered back to you?
How many of you would like a blog on DIY projects or would like to have a class on how to, making your own chalk paints, my recipes for distressing I've used on things?
I have had many people request to buy pieces I distressed and used at my store as displays. I also had many request for people wanting me to transform their pieces.
Lcb will still offer gifts and shipping on small items but before I put this into place, I would really like HONEST feedback on how many would actually like to see me offer this. Be HONEST! All feedback and suggestions are welcome!
In return I will randomly pick a winner for a piece of shotgun jewelry of your choice. The attached pictures are some of my projects to give you an idea of what I've done. Look at my work and let me know what you think! I have tough skin so don't hold back! Share this post for an additional entry!

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