God's Timing

I've been so busy that I've stopped doing my morning devotions like I used to. I've been reading them on the go, but not really processing them. I've decided that starting today, March 1st, every time that I am stressed because something isn't going the way I want it too, I will start writing down my blessings and what I'm thankful for and have more faith.

Blessings that I am thankful for today:

The messes that stress me out, because it means I have a house full of happy kids to clean up after.

Endless orders that sometimes seem impossible to fill alone, because that means my business is growing.

A phone that won't stop going off when I am busy, because that means I have friends and family that love me and I'm on their mind.

Aching joints and back, because that means God has given me the ability to work hard doing what I love and still allows my body to keep pushing itself through the pain of having herniated discs.

Paying Unexpected medical bills and buying new tires, because that means God blessed me with the money to pay them.

Not finding the perfect piece of land to buy after endless days of looking because that means God's finding the perfect spot for me and my family.

Difficult people, because God's showing me that I need to be kind even when I don't feel like it.

We all have set backs. We all have things that do not happen the way we want them too. It's so easy to forget the blessings you have received when you do not immediately get what you want. It's also hard to see blessings in the little things that aggravate us. This is a great reminder to have FAITH and let things happen in God's time and not your own.

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