DIY Laundry Room Transformation {and I didn't spend a dime}

DIY Laundry Room Transformation {and I didn't spend a dime}

We are all guilty of pinning spectacular DIY Room Transformations on Pinterest that we dream about. The heading will read, "Transform your Space for only $40 and a few items you have laying around your house" "Anyone can do it!" I don't know about you, but I don't have some of these items just laying around! 

I searched endlessly for ideas on a practical DIY laundry room makeover on a budget, only to find Unrealistic Images of Custom Countertops, Cabinets, and a laundry room the size of my entire house! 

We are in the process of remodeling a home we purchased and our to do list is a mile long. My laundry room is at the bottom of the list. I decided to take matters into my own hands and give it my personal touch until we actually remodel it. 

Granted, it won't be featured in a magazine or pinned by millions, but this is REALITY and I didn't spend a DIME! 

Here are the before pictures of my hideous laundry room (that also doubles as a storage area) 

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

Unfinshed walls

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

Ugly Water Heater 

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

I removed everything from the laundry room and begin scrubbing everything top to bottom. I gathered a couple of old shower curtains, a few pillow cases, and a couple of curtains that I didn't have much use for anymore. (If you do not have this just laying around, I recommend Dirt Cheap) They have sales on shower curtains  for $3 a piece and sometimes buggy sales full of mismatched items you can buy for $10! 

Next I gathered all the random storage containers and baskets I could find throughout the house (Try the Dollar Tree if you do not have any.. and yours can actually MATCH! 😜) 

I pulled out the ladder and grabbed my stapler to cover the ugly unfished walls with random fabric! (If you want a more finished look. I recommend pipe and cheap shower curtain hooks to hang. If you have any old pvc laying around, grab the spray paint to make them look nice) 

 I am planning an extensive REAL renovation in the near future so I opted for The staple gun!

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

I stapled old curtains and filled the shelves with anything "pretty" I had packed up. 

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

I stole a rug from the girls room and put our old kitchen table on top of my dryer to add a folding area. The look on my husbands face when he saw the kitchen table on top of the dyer was PRICELESS, but you work with what you have! lol 

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

I put an old folding closet door I painted in front of the ugly water heater to hide that eye sore and I hung my soon to be kitchen lights from a hook on the ceiling to get them out of the way until we finish the kitchen.

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

I stole two shelves from our storage building and covered them with old shower curtains. This gave me shelf space, plus a place to store things underneath the shelves and hide them behind the curtains. I made a make shift clothes line with some Dollar Tree Clothes line I had from another project. 

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

I added an old shoe organizer to the door to store cleaning supplies for easy access. 

Laundry Room DIY Transformation on a budget

I attached an old piece of scrap wood to the studs and added screws to hang and organize tools and bags. 

The best part of this Transformation is that I didn't spend a dime! I used things that I had that were taking up space and made a functional space that works! 

Do I think it will end up on HGTV? Nope!

Does it look better than it did before? No doubt! 

Reality is, we do not all have the extra money and time to have exactly what we want, when we want it. We can't all have Pinterest perfect rooms that we dream about, but that doesnt stop us from having a cute functional REALISTIC space! Now, to catch up on laundry! Anyone have any tips for enjoying that?? 

Please leave a comment below if you enjoyed this and would like to see more realistic DIY Transformations on a budget! 




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