From Hobby to Profession

Distressed Vintage Dresser and Night Stand

From hobby to profession. I have always had an eye for detail and I love to transform things to make them unique. It all started with my grandparent's farm house that I had the privilege of moving into after graduating high school. I had little money, but I had big dreams. I removed flooring, walls and cabinets with a tire tool, crowbar and a skill saw. I mixed left over paint to get the perfect colors.

High back antique bed

The house was very large and my family was starting to grow. I begin to shop for furniture and quickly realized how expensive it was! I couldn't afford to buy all of these things my heart desired unless I sacrificed essentials. I thought to myself," There has to be a better way!" I begin to shop yard sales and accepted hand me down pieces from family, but it just wasn't the look of "home" I wanted it to be. I couldn't afford to have it restored by a professional!

Vintage picture frame jewelry holder

I ventured out to my shed (my childhood playhouse) and I laughed as I saw the spray painted names on the walls (My brother and I were quite spoiled and mischievous) I grabbed a bucket of paint, some stain, a grill brush.... I mixed my paint until I found the perfect color and I started painting an old chest... I had high hopes and I could see the end results ... a gorgeous high end piece that looked like I purchased it at Barfields.... Well folks, it was far from that! It was a hot mess! Through trial and error, I begin to get better. There was no better compliment to receive than, "I love that, where did you buy it?" My reply, $10 bucks at a yard sale! I cleaned it up and made it mine! I had no shame and I was proud! I made coffee tables out of cardboard boxes, milk crates and left over fabric. I made curtains with fabric and hid the seams with safety pins.... You name it, I rigged it!

Antique Iron Bed

The hard years were soon over as I worked very hard to make a living. I could finally afford to buy new furniture, new jewelry, and nice gifts for my family, but there was still a problem! I didn't like ANYTHING and I LOATHED shopping! I once again become frustrated... Why didn't they carry this style in a different color, I wish they had this color in a different style.

Distressed refurbished farm table

At the end of a string of failed careers that kept me from enjoying my family, I decided to follow my dreams and Little Cotton Bend was born. My goal was to have an exclusive online design boutique offering a variety of affordable gifts, one of a kind furniture and unique home décor. I think everyone should be able to purchase a "Little Happy" without breaking the bank and sacrificing quality.

Little Cotton Bend Design Studio

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refurbished vintage farmhouse table

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