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LCB Custom Furniture and Designs. We create custom pieces. I put my heart and soul into each and every piece. Each piece is a diamond in the rough. Don't throw it out! No piece is too far gone. I can salvage broken pieces of that sentimental piece you can't bare to lose or that favorite piece and turn your vision into a reality. If you would like a free quote, Email us at littlecottonbend@outlook.com

LCB can take your your existing furniture and turn it into something beautiful and new to fit your space. If you have furniture or art that you would like to bring back to life, email a picture of your item along with a description of what you would like to have done to make your pieces a new work of art.

If you are looking for a particular item let us know and we will be happy to try and find it for you.

Habe an idea? We build custom pieces!

Quotes are always FREE! I can use your ideas or come up with my own to meet your needs.

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From hobby to profession. I have always had an eye for detail and I love to transform things to make them unique. It all started with my grandparent's farm house that I had the privilege of moving into after graduating high school. I had little money, but I had big dreams. I removed flooring, walls and cabinets with a tire tool, crowbar and a skill saw. I mixed left over paint to get the perfect colors.



The house was very large and my family was starting to grow. I begin to shop for furniture and quickly realized how expensive it was! I couldn't afford to buy all of these things my heart desired unless I sacrificed essentials. I thought to myself," There has to be a better way!" I begin to shop yard sales and accepted hand me down pieces from family, but it just wasn't the look of "home" I wanted it to be. I couldn't afford to have it restored by a professional!



I ventured out to my shed (my childhood playhouse) and I laughed as I saw the spray painted names on the walls (My brother and I were quite spoiled and mischievous) I grabbed a bucket of paint, some stain, a grill brush.... I mixed my paint until I found the perfect color and I started painting an old chest... I had high hopes and I could see the end results ... a gorgeous high end piece that looked like I purchased it at Barfields....  Well folks, it was far from that! It was a hot mess! Through trial and error, I begin to get better. There was no better compliment to receive than, "I love that, where did you buy it?" My reply, $10 bucks at a yard sale! I cleaned it up and made it mine! I had no shame and I was proud!  I made coffee tables out of cardboard boxes, milk crates and left over fabric. I made curtains with fabric and hid the seams with safety pins.... You name it, I rigged it!



The hard years were soon over as I worked very hard to make a living. I could finally afford to buy new furniture, new jewelry, and nice gifts for my family, but there was still a problem! I didn't like ANYTHING and I LOATHED shopping! I once again become frustrated... Why didn't they carry this style in a different color, I wish they had this color in a different style.      



At the end of a string of failed careers that kept me from enjoying my family, I decided to follow my dreams and Little Cotton Bend was born. My goal was to have an exclusive online design boutique offering a variety of affordable gifts, one of a kind furniture and unique home décor. I think everyone should be able to purchase a "Little Happy" without breaking the bank and sacrificing quality.  



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